Nicole J

Trainer of the year

Expert eyebrow technician trained and certified in the art of ombré microshaded brows. Two years as an advanced virtuoso enhancing one face at a time with the perfect brows. Nicole is a lover of fashion, art, beauty and sports. She is calm with terrific composure making sure that each client is at ease during each procedure. With an artistic background dating all the way to her formative years she has a keen eye for precision and detail making each client leave overjoyed and a promoter. Over the last two years Nicole has perfected her craft and taken it from a personal mishap, to her own business with a space located in the heart of Chicago with plans of expansion in the future. She has served over 1,000+ satisfied clients and instructed over 50+ students. In addition to the works of art that are being created locally in Chicago, Nicole has had several opportunities to travel to areas such as Florida, California, New York and Atlanta as an Instructor and Artist.

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